martes, enero 30, 2007

The hole

I Remeber

I remember one day I played on the closet. It was dark, and I didn’t see a big hole on the floor and I fell into this. I was falling down almost an hour. I thought I would get to China

Then I started falling down slowly, I didn’t know if I was up or down, left or right. I only remember a bright light in front of my eyes.

I think when I was falling the time put back, and I was in the past. Or the present... but I'm sure, it wasn't the future.

I saw a lot of people walking in a village, little people with little horses around me. They had small hammers, and small axes.

-Are you dwarfs? I asked little man.

-Dwarfs? He answered me. No, of course, you don't see? The dwarfs live in the mountains, we live in the village, it's obvious... we are Jogars.

-Jogars? What kind of people are you? I asked.

You are a big man, you have to know about Jogars. Every people in this world have heard about us. Haven't you

-I've never heard about you. I said.

Oh man, I can’t believe it. Have you fallen from a hole, or what? I don't have a time to explain more. I have to bring these carrots to the king. It's important.

The little man left me alone. I had too many questions about, but the little man didn't want to listen to me.

I had never been in this place before, and I didn't know about new height and I didn't see anybody with a meter and 65 centimeters or more, I suspect if they were, would be hanged, or cut their throat with a sword. I'm exactly a meter and 65 centimeters.

-What will I do? If they discover I'm a meter 65 centimeters, they will cut my head...

-What are you talking about? Ask me a guardian of the castle.

-Nothing, it's about the trees growing in the grass.

-I think you are a meter 65 centimeters... we will cut your head.

Then a thousand and a half of guardians surrounded me, and tied me up with ropes. I couldn't move. I saw the king near me...

-I will say the sentence, the king said, DIE, he screamed.

-Yes, he will die, everybody said.

-Well, before die, I will say my last wish.

-We've never given the last wish to a man sentenced to the death, but in your case, we will do an exception, the king said.

-My last will is you let me go to close the hole in my closet, and then nobody will fall in it anymore, and will never die.

-Ok, but if you don't come back at nightfall, we will cut the head to this child.

I ran as never before, I went to the hole, and I closed it. I finished around 3 o'clock. I have to hurry up, to return before the nightfall. I felt I was running as never before, but the final of the hole was too long. I don't remember if I ran one or three hours, when I was in the village again, it was at night.

Nobody was in the street, only woman with a child in her arms...

-I'm sorry, I couldn't return at nightfall, I said to the woman.

-Don't worry, My child is asleep. The king didn't cut his head.

-Didn't he? Why?

-Because, he hopes to cut yours tomorrow. She said

-Oh!, well I kept my promise.

In the morning, I heard all the people around me saying "DIE, DIE!"

-Ok, ok, I will, I will, don't push me, don't push me! I said.

I put my head in a log, and a black dressed man, put his ax on my neck and cut my head.

That's why I will never play in the closet again.