jueves, agosto 24, 2006

The old forest

Some day, early in the morning, we went to a nice trip to the forest. The plan was to walk around three hours, and come back.
That morning was pretty good, very cold, and nice to walk. The day was shiny, and the sun wasn't hot at all. The wind in our faces gave us forces to walk. We was speaking about the beautiful landscape.
We walked about two hours and the forest became heavier, and we could not see the sun. The air was more dense, and cold. Big drops of water fallen from the trees, and a big carpet of leafs under our feet made us walk slowly.
The day light was gone, and the darkness came over us.
At this moment our guide said:
-we got troubles...
-Why?, we said, where are the troubles?
-because we've walked too much in the forest, and we entered in the old forest of Ariangar.
-Old forest of Ariangar? We asked in chorus...
-Yes, it's the oldest forest in the world, and there are something in the air and in the water that make to the trees can whisper, talk to each other.
-Ok, turn around and return to the other forest... I said.
-It's not easy, because if the forest decide to keep us always, it will erase any way to return.
-All right, I can belive it, how the forest can erase all the ways?
-Because they can move. Be quiet, can you hear it?
-What? we whisper, we can hear anything.
-Right! You can hear the silence, you don't hear birds, don't hear the wind, don't hear any animal...
-It's true! Why?
-Because anything alive enters in the old forest of Ariangar. This forest keeps things that you have never seen before.
-Why we've never eared it?
-Because some things that should not been forgotten were lost. This history became legend, and the legend became myth. This forest was here before the Marval mountains raisen. This forest is the keeper of the Gaia's heart, behind the walls of stone. That's why anything alive enters here, and the forest can erase any way, to protect the way to the walls of stone. They were formed by oldest stones, as oldest than the earth and they keep the old hot when the earth born. You can't climb this walls.
-but, what can we do?
-don't disturb the forest, don't disturb the water. The guide said. Just keep walking, if the forest knows we aren't here for destroy it, may be it leaves us. Turn around and walk in the way, may be the forest can ear our conversation, and help us to return.
We turned around and the way was there. The forest begun to whisper, a deep whisper, like long and far thunders. We were scared. We walked to much time, and the nightfall was near. When we lost any hope, we found an old man, with a green hat and a green pants. The man was sit down near a big old oak. And we can eared the oak's whisper, the man whispers also.
-Hello! Our guide said to the man, we are lost, can you help us to find the way to return?
-Oooooh! Whisper the old man. I can help you.
The voice of the man was so deep and slowly, as thinking every word he said.
-Oh! Really? Where is the way to the youngest forest.
-The youngest forest? It's near the Pabdav river right there, follow the river and you can find the way to return, the old man said slowly, very slowly. He closed his eyes and begun to whisper like the trees.
-Are you talking with the trees? We asked.
-Yes, he said after a long moment, close the eyes again, and continued whispering like the trees.
We followed the river, and in some places it sounded like a herd of stallions running over the river. After two or three hours, we begun to enter to the youngest forest, and very tired come back to our houses.